If Art is a pathway of discovery, Art therapy is a key that unlocks your hidden internal story.   


FraserValleyArtArt therapy is a mental health approach that combines the process of creative art-making and psychotherapy. It is creative art expression which becomes a source for self-investigation and meaningful insight.

Art therapists are trained psychotherapists and counselors who specialize in art therapy as to enhance their clients’ emotional, physical and mental health.

Through the use of art therapy, feelings and inner conflicts are projected through a visual or FraserValleyArt2expressive arts medium and a reflective art work is created. During the creative art-making process conflict is re-experienced, resolved and re-integrated in such a way that makes life make sense.

Art therapy is a practical, transformative process. Its reflective nature will help you understand who you are. Its practical implementation will help you make choices which align with your true values.


If you want to understand your personal process more; better know yourself; are in state of uncertainty; or want to discover and choose an authentic road for your life – Art therapy is your option to do so.

  If you have suffered a loss,  if you are grieving.  Art therapy is a therapeutic approach you should consider