Transitions and art therapy

We have always been in transition.  Life causes us to encounter change after change.  These changes cause encounters with transitions that alters who we are.

I often wonder how the transitions that I have encountered impacted me.  What has shifted, and how am I now different than before? Recently I encountered a big change in my life, and I knew that I had to understand how this transition has affected me as a person. I decided to call upon the services of Fraservalley’s art therapist to walk alongside me.  I needed some deeper understanding of what was happening with me.

I am not in the least an artist, and was somewhat sceptical of my own ability to engage with the process.  Let’s face it, as an accountant,  making art is not my favourite past time.  To my surprise and delight I found the process not at all what I expected it to be.  After two months of art therapy, not only did I enlarge my own creativity, but I now  celebrate who I am.

The insight that I gained about myself, my own process and how I changed, during a very taxing time in my life leaves me very grateful for the experience. It was more than interesting. During art therapy I learned to value who I am, how I process life and how to address issues in a fresh and creative way.  I can’t wait for the new season in my life.