Welcome to Fraser Valley Art Therapy!

We are passionate about people and our mission is to assist you in figuring out life’s multiple dimensions and layers.  The art therapy approach is tactile, real and meet you where the rubber hits the road. Our vision is to help clients learn to engage with life and relationships in a healthy manner.

We know and understand that people suffer: When life’s difficulties happen, your hurt abounds. Painful stories are also part of the mosaic of your life and sometimes you need help to make sense of it.

We believe you are valuable and your life has a wonderful purpose and meaning. Your relationships can and should be strong, healthy and vibrant. Your life ambitions are significant and your career should be fulfilling and advancing. We are here to guide you on this exploration.

Change and transitions form part of your life journey, and you can learn to manage it effectively, and use your feelings and experiences to your advantage.

We want to see your hope rekindled, your relationships renewed, and your life passion ignited.

Our art therapist is committed, experienced and qualified to work alongside you whenever you are ready to make a decision for a better quality life.

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