New program: 

  • Our latest news is sweet and straight to the point! We are excited to introduce our brand new program for the Spring: Project EchoRegistration is limited to 10 participants – so make sure to book early as to avoid disappointment. Also we would like the extend the opportunity for someone in financial need to participate in the course at no charge.

Also make sure to catch up our updates as well as responses on our blog: Art and Answers. If you have a question you would like answered – please send an email to info[at]

Theravive Counselor

  Discover your own creativity style

Creativity is  ‘to look at the world with fresh eyes’.  Again and again.

This means that we all can be creative, in our own way.

Creativity is also aligned with how we prefer to think. And, research has proved that every person in this universe has a unique brain preference profile.  

Just like our own thumbprint.

By doing a simple didactic NBI brain assessment you can discover and celebrate your own creativity style with confidence and enjoyment.  

After you have done your assessment, you will book an hour long appointment with a certified NBI Whole Brain Practitioner who will discuss the results of your creativity style and provide you with the NBI report as well.   All of this is done for the amazing price of $135.00.

If you are not located in the Fraser Valley, we can arrange for an online session as well.

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