What people are saying

About our Group Facilitators and Fraser Valley Art Group Programs:

I definitely recommend that people enroll for the Program Echo Art Therapy Group – a very high recommendation. The women who have participated in these groups feel that it has greatly helped them personally in their healing journey and they give the group and Anna – as the leader – high praise. She has the ability to create a safe place for people to explore their inner world and the harm they have experienced for the purpose of healing and moving forward and connecting with others on a similar journey. There have been several examples of women who after participating in the group have been able to connect more deeply with others in their lives, become gainfully employed, to live lives not controlled by their past, etc.

      – Kathleen S.  Abbotsford – Supervisor & Counsellor of the Abuse Counselling Program at ACS

Anna serves her community with diverse knowledge and talents and I had the privilege to participate in a personal art therapy session done by her, which clearly displayed her deep understanding, compassion, insight and discernment.  Within a short period of time she managed to unlock a door to my soul that needed opening and provided very relevant advice. It is without hesitation that I recommend Anna as an Art Therapist and for people to enroll in the Program Echo Group Art therapy.

– Anita H.Toronto 

“Observing the program … it was wonderful to watch how the participants became part of the program so quickly. Anna’s ability to create a safe environment for everyone in the group resulted in the participants willingness to share deeply from their heart by using their art pieces they had created to not only describe their struggles but to go much further to the root of the issue  by Anna’s gentle coaching.  Anna’s facilitating paved the way for much insight and revelation by drawing on her many years of experience as a counselor.  There were times that the room became a sacred space created by the intimacy of sharing by these courageous women determined to be set free from past wounds.  By the end of the program, the participants were much better equipped to deal with life issues, understanding the obstacles they had faced and now know with confidence they can chose to strategize and maneuver through them.  I could see that their spirits were refreshed and made alive once again to dream big for the future.  I was honoured to be a part of observing that process.  I would highly recommend this program if willing to commit to the process.  It is well worth it.

– Kathleen M.Langley