Is Art Therapy something that can help you?

                                                  Art therapy is for individuals, groups and families.

Will Art Therapy really help me?….  I am not an artist and I can’t paint….  These are often what we hear people say when they asks about the benefit of art therapy for their mental health issues. 

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’  Children, youth and individuals of all ages can benefit from art therapy. Due to its focus, which is on personal expression and processing, and not on skills or performance, previous art experience or specific artistic abilities are not required to fully participate.

Often, those people who battle to express themselves verbally,  who suffer from trauma, or who have unresolved issues in their lives that cause deep emotional hurt and pain  do benefit greatly from art therapy – even if it   is not used in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities and traditional counselling therapies. However, art therapists are trained clinicians who also know how to use psychotherapy and other talk therapies if and when needed during the therapeutic process.

There is an additional bonus, Art therapy is not only beneficial for people experiencing emotional difficulties, but it also encourages creativity and enriches lives everywhere no matter the circumstances.